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molejoy tees


Banging handprinted molejoy tees from our very exclusive Spring/Summer, Winter/Spring, Autumn/Winter, Summer/Autumn collection. Each unique and individual to meet your neoliberal agendas. Be your best self and buy one for your best friend.

molejoy is a band who first grew a significant following when Dolly P announced they were her favourite thing since errr ummmmm her previous favourite thing. Trashy, boppy non-heroic beats for anyone who wants them. Sounds like lots of things emerging together. Often you can hear what they are saying. Have you seen the movie 'We Are The Best'?

Tees are B&C Collection > OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 + MEMBER OF FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION + OCS CERTIFICATION. Prints made by molejoy in Kez's front room. Mouth design by @pokyopokyo > a really good illustrator and stick and poke artist based in East London. Others by molejoy. Special thanks to Ginger Spud for helping us with the screens. Prints on front, centered unless otherwise stated.

molejoy is Giles Brunch, Sophie Chappers and Kerri Jefferis.